Why is Ryan Running?

The Issues


Tax Relief & Affordability

To solve Connecticut’s economic and fiscal crisis and create prosperity for all families, we should pursue three major reforms:

1.) Slash income tax rates for all families for the first time in state history

2.) Reduce wasteful spending and reform state employee packages

3.) Cut red tape to alleviate the burden on workers

Educational Excellence

Connecticut should reduce the cost of higher education, raise standards for K-12, and preserve local control of our schools:

1.) Freeze tuition for state universities indefinitely like it has been done successfully in Indiana and Wisconsin

2.) Raise standards for K-12 education across the state and give more choice to poor kids stuck in failing schools

3.) Reduce unfunded mandates that constrict teachers and principals

4.) Stop regionalization and preserve local control no matter what


Local Control

Connecticut must protect local control over our towns, including planning and zoning decisions, and advance affordable housing goals with local buy in.

1.) Stop any legislation the further erodes local control of planning and zoning or education

2.) Reform 8-30g, most importantly to give town’s added buy in over decisions and to count all forms of affordable housing in municipalities

3.) Advance affordable housing goals in a more discrete way, in the scope and style of our neighborhoods