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Local Control

Connecticut must protect local control over our towns, including planning and zoning decisions, and advance affordable housing goals with local buy in.


1.) Stop any legislation the further erodes local control of planning and zoning or education

2.) Reform 8-30g, most importantly to give town’s added buy in over decisions and to count all forms of affordable housing in municipalities

3.) Advance affordable housing goals in a more discrete way, in the scope and style of our neighborhoods


After three decades, 8-30g and other statutes eroding local control have both failed to meet their economic goals and have undermine our communities. Sen. Fazio wrote and introduced legislation this year to reform 8-30g and has worked hard to build bipartisan consensus around changes. He has also joined local colleagues in fighting back further attempts to erode local control. Protecting our communities and local control must be a top priority of our state legislature.

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