🚨CT Llamas Against Tolls—and @PatrickSasser5—endorse Fazio for Senate! 🦙 They know that the 2nd-highest taxed state, which spends 3rd-most on transportation, should not impose another $583 per year of costs on the average family. Vote to stop tolls and deliver change 11/3! 🇺🇸

The great state of Connecticut needs leaders in Hartford who can work across the political aisle, fight to grow our economy, protect our environment, and keep education in the hands of families and towns. It is for this reason that I am supporting @ryanfazio for state senate.#CT

Nearly a quarter of lower-income Americans face marginal tax rates of more than 70% when adjusted for loss of government benefits; so every $1,000 gained gets reduced by $700 in form of taxes or reduced spending, as per @AtlantaFed

.@CTDems have voted to raise your taxes CONSISTENTLY.


The only year #Connecticut Democrats didn't raise taxes was in 2017. Why? Because Republicans held more seats in the General Assembly.

#vote #ct #ctnews #ctpolitics #election2020

My opponent thinks our local SW CT police, who are professional & outspoken advocates of equal justice, are “angry” & don’t want to be held “accountable for egregious acts of violence.” What a wrongful caricature of the men and women who risk their own safety to keep us safe.

Joe Morgan’s Career Accomplishments:

- 10 time All-Star.
- 2-time World Series champion.
- 2-time NL MVP.
- 5-time Gold Glove Winner.
- Silver Slugger Award Winner.

Rest In Peace to a legend.

#Reds #MLB

DEBATE NIGHT: Voters in the 36th were presented with a clear choice between more of the same in Hartford and a new vision. Watch and decide the path forward for Connecticut.

That's actually not what the study says. We had a high percentage of inbound due to COVID--not total inbound. Other studies find CT has high outbound during COVID.

There is no escaping the fact we need structural change in state gov't to create opportunity. We can do better.

WFSB Channel 3@WFSBnews

Now, we're a top destination, according to this study. https://www.wfsb.com/news/connecticut-now-considered-a-top-state-for-people-who-moved/article_2b23620e-07cf-11eb-b86e-cfeb66c56689.html

Illinois is the only state facing a worse fiscal crisis than Connecticut and it’s raised income taxes higher than our, too. Heed the lesson:

“A 2019 survey by NPR Illinois & UofI found that high taxes were the top reason respondents gave for leaving.”

An Illinois Tax Crossroads

Opinion | An Illinois Tax Crossroads

A new progressive income tax would speed the state’s economic decline.


Jerry Seinfeld didn't consider bidding on the Mets. "I don't have the money."

Asked if he would if he did have the cash:

"Why? So I can have *more* people yelling at me on the street when they lose?"

I’m honored to be endorsed by the Stamford Police Association. Stamford is one of the safest cities in the US b/c of its high-caliber police. In light of CT’s radical new de-policing law & increased shootings in CT, we need a state Senator to fight for the public safety of all.

Our campaign must be resonating, b/c we are fielding the most bizarre attack lines. First, our opponent compared us to mass murderers b/c of a fake Twitter acct. Now a new PAC claims I want to build nuclear reactors all over town! So silly. We'll continue to run on the issues.

What a shameful, snide Tweet from @CTSenateDems. Mental illness is serious, horrible, and exacerbated when it's belittled. It crosses party lines. Empathy is in order.

The National Alliance on Mental Health's 24/7 helpline is 800-950-6264 for anyone who is hurting.

Who says campaign ads have to suck? Check this out. Mission Impossible meets the Avengers. Watch the full video at http://Texasreloaded.com

@WesleyHuntTX @Bethvanduyne @gcforcongress @TonyGonzales4TX @AugustPfluger

I’m supporting Ryan. Join our team. https://twitter.com/ryanfazio/status/1308836658847117312

Twitter feed video.I’m supporting Ryan. Join our team. https://t.co/TyMzSRYkRR
Ryan Fazio@ryanfazio

WATCH - Fazio for State Senate - Why I'm running to represent my home district

I took the time to complete @Ballotpedia's candidate survey to share my vision and goals. You'll be able to see the responses on my profile shortly.

Today, a happy RBG memory – the time I talked her into talking trash.

In OT06, the clerks had a fantasy baseball league. Some chambers had teams. Some individual clerks did. And Justice Alito wanted a team – for himself, not his clerks.


Great evening rallying with @ryanfazio supporters. Amazing enthusiasm as voters drove by showing their support for Ryan. Ryan will work to fix CT’s fiscal mess created by Dems & protect the cops who protect us. Greenwich, Stamford & New Canaan will be well served by Ryan.

"They Know How to Prevent Megafires. Why Won’t Anybody Listen?"

Excellent, important read on what's *really* causing the Western wildfires: decades of public policy failures. /1 https://www.propublica.org/article/they-know-how-to-prevent-megafires-why-wont-anybody-listen/amp?fbclid=IwAR2xZcDkQMzvDrh0XdlSM3C7fJcwuS08MD7oVZ6BpdDEy0TrPjHZnGRJvYs&__twitter_impression=true

Today Greenwich kept the faith with her 33 sons and daughters who perished in the brutal terrorist attacks with a morning ceremony at the Cos Cob Park memorial. It’s open all day. Come to remember your loved one and also come to never forget. @gwchsentinel #911neverforget

The state needs to reopen the legislative process to the public. While Dems opened our doors when it was politically convenient for them, they’ve kept them shut when it comes to making politically difficult decisions. I’m asking that upcoming committee votes be held in person.

Working class and middle class families are hurting in CT this Labor Day, and have been for many years, due to the failures of the political class in the state gov't.

It's time for a change.

On this day in 1914, Paris taxi cabs rush French troops into battle along the Marne. The Allied attack halts the German advance on the city and ends Berlin's hope for a quick victory on the Western Front.

Today In 1993: New York #Yankees pitcher Jim Abbott, born without a right hand, throws a no-hitter vs. the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium! #Inspiration #MLB #History

.@YankeeInstitute has been the number one force for solvency and opportunity in CT for years. This year, however, they also stepped up during COVID and helped provide important advice to the state on expanding health care & protecting jobs. They are great citizens.

Twitter feed video..@YankeeInstitute has been the number one force for solvency and opportunity in CT for years. This year, however, they also stepped up during COVID and helped provide important advice to the state on expanding health care & protecting jobs. They are great citizens.
State Policy Network@StatePolicy

Congratulations @YankeeInstitute! Yankee was awarded the 2020 Bob Williams Award for Biggest Home State Win for their work helping Connecticut weather the pandemic by championing policy that strengthened CT’s economy and increased job opportunities. https://spn.org/tax-and-licensing-reforms-help-connecticut-and-its-citizens-through-coronavirus-economic-challenges/ #SPNAM

“Never was so much owed by so many to so few.”

Today is the 75th anniv. of the end of WW2. Only 300k of 16 million vets of WW2 remain with us today. However, their memory must never die! Later, I will intro my proposal to ensure US history & civics are taught well in CT schools.

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